Competition in Latvia

Dear Sir, Madam

"OZO" figure skating club, member of Latvian Skating Asociation is organizing competition :
“Ozolnieku Zelta Rudens kauss 2015” wich is an international figure skating competition for
single skaters.


The event will be conducted in accordance with the ISU Constitution and General
Regulations 2014, the Special Regulations & Technical Rules Single Skating and the relevant
ISU Communications and valid decisions of the ISU Congress 2014 ( All
Members of ISU and any Clubs are kindly invited to take part in the competition.

Venue: OZO skating rink
Stadiona iela 5a, Ozolnieki, Latvia
Dates: October 31 – November 1,2015

Ozolnieku 2015 - Announcement

Ozolnieku 2015 - ENTRY FORM